What To Do When Life Sucks

What to do when life sucks? First, let’s say you’re not alone we’ve all had and will have moments when we think life sucks. It may seem cruel, or unfair but it is a fact. Negative moments exist we don’t know when or why, but rest assured they will come. What happens is not so important, a reason that leaves me indifferent could be a tragedy for others.

The two aspects that matter most are our perception of the situation and our preparedness to face these moments. I firmly believe that the reality in many moments of our life is only and exclusively what our mind perceives. I am not saying that we live in fiction and that nothing is real. But I am saying that we are the ones who give value, whether it is positive or negative, to events. And when these events are negative we tend to magnify them.

If you’ve had several dark moments, even though you’ve done your best, nothing was going or is going right you might feel like your life sucks. In this post, I’d like to share 10 things that have helped me when I’ve asked myself: what to do when life sucks?

#1 Know how to handle frustration

When everything goes wrong feeling frustrated is normal, human, you’d better believe it. As a rule, the first mistake we make is to dismiss these feelings. Battle lost. The more you try, the more they grow. So what to do? All you have to do is accept and process them, turn them into something useful. Otherwise, they will suck most of your energy. They will create a negative spiral from which it will be increasingly difficult to escape.

A great way to alleviate and transform negative feelings is to practice breathing exercises. My favorite breathing is a Japanese technique related to the martial art of Aikido. You may be wondering why this technique. I have practiced Aikido for many years, and I find it relatively easy to perform. It only takes a few minutes to reap the benefits. My advice is to always practice it every day. Excellent oxygenation of the blood brings benefits.

Another technique is to focus on the moment you are living in. Observe who and what is around you. Perceive the smells, the feelings of the moment. You will see that your mind will spontaneously calm down. The first few times will not always be easy, like anything in life practice and experience are essential.

#2 Practice gratitude

Learning to appreciate the little things allows us to perceive life from a different point of view. We are so used to taking everything for granted that we lose our perception of the value of what we have. Then sometimes all of a sudden these things disappear and only then do we become aware. Don’t make this mistake, learn to appreciate what you have. Every night before you fall asleep relive the day and give thanks for all that you had.

#3 Hard times are precious

It may sound crazy, but it’s not. Tough times are valuable because they allow us to improve and learn. They are necessary experiences to grow. I realize that making such statements when all is well is very easy. Whereas, when things go wrong everything becomes more complicated.

But like it or not, that’s how life works. Fortunately, in most cases, everything is easily resolved. Think for a moment, whatever you are capable of doing now you had to learn it. During this journey, you have had some difficult moments that have forced you to push yourself. The difficulties change, but the process remains.

#4 Let loose

Keeping it all in is not always the best solution. It tends to help magnify things. If you find yourself in an awkward situation, put shame aside. Find someone you can trust and release express your frustration. That’s what a good friend is for too and who knows maybe together you can find a solution. If you really can’t talk about it, write about it. Putting it down on paper helps you assess the situation better and come up with a strategy to solve the problem.

#5 Change your perspective

I mentioned earlier the fact that reality is what our mind perceives. Sometimes you need to change your perspective to find the solution. To do this, start by changing your inner discourse, give up the habit of seeing the situation as an insurmountable difficulty. Our assessment is a self-fulfilling prophecy so we must approach it positively. Embrace the challenge the choice is yours. If you perceive it as a problem your stress and discontent will increase.

what to do when life sucks

#6 Introduce new ideas and activities

New ideas, a new task can turn a descending fad up. The downside can be that expanding on your means growing in addition to those who would like you to remain just the means you are. Be prepared. If you transform, if you begin to take new actions, or talk in a new way not everyone will be helpful. Stick with those that hold pals. The ones who sustain you no matter what. The ones that constantly and only imagine you have the very best life possible.

The best trouble isn’t having originality– it’s escaping the old ones. Life is as well brief to battle with those that desire you to continue to be a detainee of your past. Be willing to accept others for who they are, however, maintain moving on towards what you’re becoming.

Optimism is one high quality extra related to success and joy than any other. Magic lives in a positive outlook.
What’s the proportion of your positive words to your adverse ones? You’re creating an optimistic or pessimistic outlook by the language you utilize. Plus the things you think and state provide you some clues regarding your future success and also joy. It’s a genuine obstacle for some people to pay attention to their ideas, especially initially. If this is the case for you, attempt this.

#7 Don’t give in to be afraid and despair

This is a tough one. It’s a lot less complicated to just give up and give up to the worry and grief. But we need to stand tall, even when we feel 2 feet too short. It was very tough for me to mask my fears from my little girl and task confidence. But I’m so grateful I did. Back then, for some time, I’d begun to wonder if something was wrong. The foreboding concern that was my continuous friend kept informing me that something bad was taking place.

Yet slowly, she got from my forecasted confidence and also grew even more positive herself. And got back to her monkey business. As well as did not have any more mishaps. As well as my concerns started to fizzle. When it involves fear and misery, you have to fake it till you make it. And also, one way or another, you will certainly make it.

#8 Workout

Whatever functions ideal for you! It’ll likewise rely on your mood. Occasionally you require to connect once again with your spirit, so exercising some yoga exercise sequences will help you do that. I have hopped on my mat with rips falling down my face, like crying out loud, and finished my 20-minute sequence with a smile! In some cases, we simply require to feel grounded.

Sometimes, we need something a lot more eruptive, like choosing a run, or even boxing. I recognize how horrible it feels when you have to get out of bed and place on your training outfit, but do not you know just how incredible it feels after your workout? There’s a literal scientific research that explains why we get so happy after working out, so look it up if you do not believe me. As well as afterward, get out there!

Not feeling like relocating? Perhaps you get on your period, you’re feeling sore or sick. You can still take a seat involved in your favorite covering and exercise some meditation. My favored words when I look up a meditation session are positivity, wealth, as well as the destination, YouTube will certainly do the rest of the job for you.

#9 Never surrender

It’s not over until it’s over or we decide to end it. I wonder how many times you’ve heard the phrase never give up but that’s just the way it is never to give up. You don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow or how close you are to the finish line so being resilient is a great exercise in improving yourself.

What we sometimes lack is the right preparation, which in our case is the right mental attitude. In my opinion, this is the most important aspect and it’s where it all starts.

#10 Mindset

I know I may be boring about mental attitude but, without the right mindset, the chances of success are reduced and by a lot. Why? Because of the way our mind is structured. Our mind is still a somewhat mysterious object but some aspects are scientifically proven. One of them is that it doesn’t particularly like change.

Don’t believe me? Then why is it so hard to make changes in our lives? Think about it if that wasn’t the case everything would be so much easier. Why does our mind play against us? I don’t want to go into too much detail and honestly consider my knowledge on this subject minimal. In any case, if you want to deepen the topic the web is full of articles.

Coming back to us, the mind perceives novelties as dangers for reasons still related to caveman times. It may sound crazy, but it’s true. Our mind loves to go down known paths because it knows exactly how to behave.

Whereas when he finds himself in unfamiliar situations, he doesn’t know what to do. Again, think about it, you may have been in a situation once in your life where you had no idea what to do. Here our mind deeply desires to avoid these situations. Now the question is how do we intervene?

Fortunately, it is possible to change our mind’s perception. Many strategies are all valid. Some of these have been described in this post.

My preferred method is guided meditation. Thanks to it, I have been able to change many habits without that nagging feeling of making too much effort. In addition to that, it helps you relax and feel better.

Here you will find more information about guided meditation and my preferred method.


Now you know some practices to what to do when life sucks. I hope that you can use one of them to improve your life. At the same time, I suggest you download our free ebook about self-confidence. Greater self-confidence helps in all areas of life.