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How to Built Self-Confidence

Some say that self-confidence is sort of a muscle – you’ve got to stay exercising it to form it strong and powerful. And – thank God – it’s more than true! Self-confidence is one of those wonderful skills that can be learned by practicing a few mindset tricks and techniques, which means that no one can stop you from becoming confident (well, except you, of course). Today I wish to share with you 12 wonderful ways to drastically improve your self-confidence by shifting your perception and performing some simple everyday exercises. They’re incredibly effective and have helped me when my self-confidence was low in the past, but – for them to figure, you’ve got to use them (duh!). If you’re ready for love or money and just being uninterested in your low self-confidence, keep it up reading then – start working to enhance your self-confidence today. It takes many small steps, but as soon as you’re taking the primary one, you’re already invested, and let’s just say that opening this text WAS the primary step, okay?

Visualize yourself being confident

Visualize yourself being confident, brave & attractive. No matter what you’re doing, always imagine yourself having your required goal in your hand. Visualization is proven to be an efficient way both to stay focused on your goals, and improve the arrogance you’d wish to achieve them. Since visualization helps you to make a robust image of “the successful you” in your head, keeping this image locked in your mind can assist you to push past your fears. Also, believing that you simply are completely confident can assist you to take small social challenges (like lecture someone you’re afraid of) and improve your self-confidence with small acts of braveness.

Talback to your Inner Critic

Talkback to your Inner Critic. When trying to find the harshest critic around, you don’t get to look far. Most of the time, YOU are your own harshest critic and, to improve your self-confidence, you should start by telling this critic “Stop! I am not going to believe you anymore. I am getting to be supportive of myself and that I know I will be able to succeed”. Learning to identify this negative voice in your head is one of the foremost important steps you’ll absorb to enhance your confidence, so give this one plenty of priority.

Do something challenging every week

Do something challenging every week. If you would like to radically improve your self-confidence, it’s important that you simply constantly take small challenges and achieve them. With each and each one achievement, your self-confidence grows stronger because your brain is registering these small wins as proof that you’re awesome. It’s tough to travel and straight up do something that scares you, yes. It might take tons of courage initially, but you don’t need to rush yourself. And you don’t get to achieve a particular number of challenges. Find your own pace, with positive self-talk, and don’t fret failing, because it’s a normal thing to try to to. You live and you learn by trial and error – that is OK. That is what we all do.


Memorize and repeat

Memorize and repeat self-assuring affirmations in your head. Strong and inspiring affirmations can do wonders for your self-esteem. It’s a perfect way to talk back to that inner critic and help you grow more confident every single day. Write down an inventory of assuring affirmations to keep in your purse or near your bed. Read them every day and try your best to BELIEVE them, because that is what awakens the real power within you.

Learn to be

Learn to be OK with social discomfort. We live in such a social world that it’s practically impossible to avoid negative social situations completely. They’re sure to happen, so being scared of them is nearly like being afraid to breathe. Instead of fearing social discomfort, learn to be OK with it, and practice taking on these situations with pride.

Improve your appearance

Improve your appearance (and roll in the hay with self-love!). There’s no secret – we feel much more confident once we glance at our greatest. To radically improve your self-confidence, work on improving your looks also. For many people, it’s one of the strongest factors that contribute to self-confidence growth. When working on your appearance, always consider doing it with self-love and compassion. You don’t want to be jogging at 5 AM because “you’re fat and deserve it”. Rather roll the hay because “your body loves moving and it helps you become stronger and healthier”.

Write down

Write down a list of your rules and stick to them. Having a personal rule set can help in situations when you don’t know how to act and also – improve your image in other people’s eyes. I remember a story from my life where this came true pretty clearly. It was my first week at university and I didn’t know all of my group yet. We were just getting to know each other, I was pretty shy and it can be a slow process in big groups of students, I guess. I remember that some girls in my group liked to laugh at other people. To make it clear – those girls were really smart and cool, and they were not being mean.

They were rather just jerking around about the way some people talked or gave presentations, etc. Nothing too offensive, yet I never felt it had been OK, albeit it had been a joke. So I never laughed at those “funny” people because it felt uncomfortable and it was my rule to never make fun of anyone.

When I finally got introduced to those girls, I used to be surprised once they mentioned how calm was of me to remain neutral in situations when everyone was laughing at someone. They said they liked me simply because I didn’t do what everyone else was doing (and I used to be pretty darn surprised!). So, as you can see, a simple rule I had helped me to make the right decision (“should I or should I NOT laugh with them to fit in?”), and it boosted my image in their eyes.


Question and reframe

Question and reframe negative thoughts about yourself. As you go through life, you constantly encounter situations when something just doesn’t go your way. In times like that, you’re likely to develop negative thoughts that keep bringing you down. The more often it happens, the faster your self-confidence dries out. To counter that, work on questioning every negative thought and reframing it to something more helpful. CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) works wonders here! You can learn the basics of it and successfully adapt it to every negative situation in your life.


Mimick the “confidence posture”. Standing straight, together with your shoulders relaxed + your chest open also can help to enhance your self-confidence. A few studies showed that mimicking this “confidence posture” can help you feel more confident so wherever you go – stand straight and walk with your head high, even if you don’t feel confident (yet).

Replace jealousy

Replace jealousy with appreciation. If you’re feeling unconfident because somebody else is smarter, prettier, thinner, richer, or more successful than you… Know that you simply should either stop and accept this uncomfortable feeling as a part of your life. Why? Because there will ALWAYS be someone smarter, prettier, thinner, richer, or more successful than you. ALWAYS.

Instead of burning with jealousy, appreciate it! Appreciate the sweetness in everything around you – including people, both men, and women. Appreciate the sweetness of life itself! It’s everywhere around – in you, in nature, in cities, in success stories, in achieved goals, even in wealth also. If you are feeling that it’s too hard for you to form this mind shift and you continue to feel jealous, know that you simply also can be smart, pretty, fit, or rich. Yes, these are big goals, and that they require tons of labor, but none of it’s impossible. When people need something, they find ways to form it their reality – and you’ll too.


Accept your imperfections. None folks have born perfect – and as working for your dreams, you need to also work on accepting your imperfections. Even better – learn to live with them, and embrace them, make your flaws work for you.

Work on accentuating your strengths

Work on accentuating your strengths. Once you’ve come to PEACE together with your imperfections, make an inventory of your strengths and do everything you would like to form the foremost of it. Every single one among us has a minimum of one thing they’re good at, and you’ve got it too.
Think rather well and list everything you’re good at – then use it, embrace it, enhance it, and make it a reason to be more confident in yourself.


Having an excellent self-confidence is everyone’s right. Committing yourself to obtain it is noble but sometimes doing it all by yourself is not the best choice. For this reason, I recommend you to evaluate one of the programs that have helped me a lot, especially in those moments where it was not always easy to find the motivation.

Do not hesitate, and find out how to get great results.