Positive Self Esteem Affirmations

Positive self-esteem affirmations are a way to eliminate the negative thoughts we have about ourselves. They allow us to build confidence, and that is why the words we choose are important. Through positive self-esteem affirmations, we can recreate our mental patterns and change our thoughts. If you learn to change your thoughts, you will also be able to change your life. We are the sum of what we think, and this is a fact.

This process is unfortunately not as simple and straightforward as we believe. Negative thoughts are, as a rule, very ingrained in our minds we cannot erase them but, we can replace them with positive affirmations of self-worth. A simple, concrete example? As a rule, when we are indecisive, negative thinking prevails. Our inner dialogue is fundamental to be able to build the correct confidence in ourselves that will give us the strength to face the negative moments that each of us must face in life.

It is inevitable to improve and be better person difficulties are a mandatory step. It doesn’t matter what they are, it matters how prepared you are.

Where low self-esteem comes from?

Low self-esteem often begins with a failure that touches people deeply. Or when an individual is subjected to statements such as; you’re not good enough, you lack talent, you don’t have the necessary intelligence, you’ll never succeed, and so on.

It can take time for the process of lack of self-confidence to set in, or sometimes all it takes is a “traumatic” event to transform your perception of yourself. For example, an illness, a sudden lack of money, in short, the possibilities are many.

How do you practice positive affirmation?

It is not enough to repeat positive affirmations endlessly in a mechanical way. You have to learn how to create the corresponding feelings, you have to feel them, and above all, you have to believe in them. As if what you are stating is already real.

A great help is to practice in front of the mirror, look yourself in the eye, and exude confidence in what you are stating. Let this feeling permeate your entire body and mind.

One of the best times to do this is in the morning, as soon as you wake up or at night before you go to bed. My advice, especially in the beginning practice several times a day for a few minutes.

This will help you make the practice of positive self-esteem affirmations a habit.

positive self-esteem affirmations

Further tips

First, never forget that it doesn’t matter what people think about you, it matters what you think about yourself. Be grateful every day for what you receive, even in difficult times, and learn to appreciate the journey regardless of your goal.

Leave that you were. Love who you are. Anticipate who you will certainly come to be. Do not think about what may fail. Think of what could go right. Never give up. Your day will come.

The best day to make a change or start a new project is always today.
Enthusiasm is essential.
Don’t stop learning knowledge is power.
Before you succeed, you will fail many times.
Making mistakes is the only way to learn.

Positive self-esteem affirmation

I am positive and also strong

I am becoming much more confident each day

I enjoy and also appreciate myself

I do not need validation from others

I am in full control of my life

There is nothing I am not able to conquer

I achieve success in everything I do

I am enough

I am a good person

I deserve good things

I believe in my abilities

I am intelligent as well as capable

I deserve to be satisfied

I am gorgeous

I do not need to validate anything to any person

I prize my imperfections

I recognize my self-respect

I am loved as well as valued as I am

I make good decisions

I launch negative self-talk

I am living my best life

My flaws make me distinct as well as I love them

I am special. I feel excellent about being alive and being me

Life is fun as well as fulfilling

Outstanding opportunities exist for me in every element of my life

There are no such points as troubles, only opportunities

I am special. I feel excellent about being alive and being me

Life is fun as well as fulfilling

Outstanding opportunities exist for me in every element of my life

There are no such points as troubles, only opportunities

I love challenges; they draw out the best in me

I choose to be happy today. I love my life

I value whatever I have. I reside in pleasure

I am courageous. I am willing to act despite any concern

I am positive and positive. I think things will constantly exercise for the very best

It’s very easy to make buddies. I bring in positive as well as kind people into my life

It’s very easy to satisfy people. I create positive and helpful partnerships

I am an effective designer. I develop the life I desire

I am OK as I am. I approve as well as love myself

I am confident. I trust myself

I achieve success now

I am passionate. I am insanely passionate as well as influence others

I am calm and also calm

I have unlimited power at my disposal

I am hopeful. I believe things will constantly exercise for the very best

I am kind as well as caring. I am caring and care for others

I am concentrated and persistent. I will never quit

I am energetic as well as enthusiastic. Confidence is my second nature

I treat everybody with compassion and also respect

I inhale confidence as well as breathe out concern

I am adaptable. I adapt to change swiftly

I have integrity. I am reputable. I do what I state

I am competent, clever, as well as able

I rely on myself

I identify the many top quality I have

I see the best in other individuals

I surround myself with people that draw out the best in me

I release unfavorable thoughts and also feelings regarding myself

I love who I have actually become

I am always expanding and also establishing

My viewpoints reverberate with who I am

I am conforming to everything I claim and do

I deserve to be happy as well as effective

I have the power to alter myself

I can forgive and also recognize others and their intentions

I am cost-free to pick to live as I desire and also to give priority to my needs

I can select happiness whenever I wish regardless of my conditions

I am flexible and also open to transform every aspect of my life

I act with self-confidence having a basic strategy and approve plans that are open to alteration

It suffices to have done my best

I am worthy of being loved

I have high self-confidence

I like and appreciate myself

I am a wonderful person

I value myself deeply

My ideas and point of view are important

I am confident that I can attain anything

I have something unique to offer the world

Others like and respect me

I am a fantastic human being I feel terrific about myself as well as my life

I am worthy of having high self-confidence

I believe in myself

I deserve to feel good concerning myself

I recognize I can accomplish anything

Having respect for myself aids others to like and value me

Feeling great concerning myself is typical for me

Improving my self-worth is very essential

Being confident in myself comes normally to me

Liking and respecting myself is simple

Speaking my mind with self-confidence is something I simply naturally do

Daily I notice I am even more self-discipline

I take pleasure in being self-disciplined

I am doing the best I can with the knowledge as well as the experience I have acquired so far

It’s OKAY to make mistakes. They are possibilities to find out

I always follow up on my pledges

I deal with others with generosity and regard

I see myself with kind eyes


I know I may be boring about mental attitude but, without the right mindset, the chances of success are reduced and by a lot. Why? Because of the way our mind is structured. Our mind is still a somewhat mysterious object but some aspects are scientifically proven. One of them is that it doesn’t particularly like change.

Don’t believe me? Then why is it so hard to make changes in our lives? Think about it if that wasn’t the case everything would be so much easier. Why does our mind play against us? I don’t want to go into too much detail and honestly consider my knowledge on this subject minimal. In any case, if you want to deepen the topic the web is full of articles.

Coming back to us, the mind perceives novelties as dangers for reasons still related to caveman times. It may sound crazy, but it’s true. Our mind loves to go down known paths because it knows exactly how to behave.

Whereas when he finds himself in unfamiliar situations, he doesn’t know what to do. Again, think about it, you may have been in a situation once in your life where you had no idea what to do. Here our mind deeply desires to avoid these situations. Now the question is how do we intervene?

Fortunately, it is possible to change our mind’s perception. Many strategies are all valid. Some of these have been described in this post.

My preferred method is guided meditation. Thanks to it, I have been able to change many habits without that nagging feeling of making too much effort. In addition to that, it helps you relax and feel better.

Here you find more information about guided meditation and my preferred method.


Now you have a long list of positive self-esteem affirmations. I hope that you can use one of them to improve your life. At the same time, I suggest you download our free ebook about self-confidence. Greater self-confidence helps in all areas of life.