How To Stay Positive

How to Stay Positive: 10 Smart Habits”Having a favorable mental attitude is asking how something can be done rather than stating it cannot be done.”Bo Bennett”To prevent situations in which you may make errors may be the most significant error of all.”Peter McWilliams”We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are.”Anais NinOne of the very first things I started to deal with purposely with my advancement was to improve my outlook on life. It was over 10 years ago that I started to explore this topic, and to step by step– and while in some cases tumbling backward– construct a more positive outlook.

An attitude that would gradually become more and more stable so that I might not just take a look at the world positively during great days. But also so I could remain favorable and useful even during difficult times and keep working towards something better. In this short article, I’d like to share 11 of the very best, smartest, and the majority of reliable habits for doing so that I have learned over more than a decade.

#1 Find an optimistic viewpoint in a negative situation

Among the simplest but most reliable ways to build a more positive outlook has, in my experience, been to ask more costly concerns as frequently as possible. When I remain in what appears like an unfavorable situation– possibly I have been lazy, made a mistake, failed, or stumbled in some, sort of way– then I like to ask myself concerns like; What is one thing that is positive or excellent about this situation? What is one chance within this scenario? Doing so is a whole lot better than what I used to do in such circumstances. Usually, I require a bit of time to process the ideas and feelings that emerge in a scenario before I can do that.

#2 Cultivate and live in a positive environment

Who you select to spend your time with and the input you get from even more away like the TV, the web, and magazines will have a high effect on your outlook. To be able to stay positive, it is prominent to have impacts in your life that assist you and raise you instead of dragging you down. So thoroughly consider what you let into your mind. You can, for instance, ask yourself: Who are the 3 most negative people I hang out with? What are the 3 most negative sources of details I hang out on?

Think about the responses. Then consider how you can begin spending less time among those people or info sources this week. And how you can spend more of the time you have now freed up with among the most positive sources or individuals in your life.

#3 Go slowly

I have found that when I go too quickly when I try to think, talk, consume, and move around in my world truly rapidly, then things don’t go too well. Stress develops. Negative thoughts about almost anything start to well up, and I seem to like my power decreases. However, if I slow down just for a couple of minutes– even if I have to require it by walking, talking, and consuming slower– then my mind and body calm down too. It ends up being simpler to believe things through plainly again and easier to discover a positive and constructive viewpoint.

#4 Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill

It’s simple to lose viewpoint, especially if you are stressed out, and you are going too quickly. And so a molehill can end up being a huge and scary mountain in your mind. A simple three-step way to manage these scenarios, so they don’t leave hands is to: Say stop. In your mind, scream “STOP!” or “NOPE, we are not decreasing that course once again!” as quickly as thoughts of this kind start to spin in your head. Breathe.

After you have interrupted the ideas by shouting stop take a seat, and simply be still. Breathe with your stomach and focus on just your in-breaths and out-breaths for a minute or two to calm your body and mind down.Refocus.Question your mountain building thoughts by talking with someone near you and getting a more grounded perspective on the scenario by just venting or by obtaining his/her input. Or ask yourself this to widen your perspective and to relax: Will this matter in 5 years? Or even in 5 weeks?

#5 Don’t let vague fears hold you back from doing what you want

Often you might desire to take a chance in life. A common trap when you wish to do one of those things is to get lost in unclear fears and about what might occur if you took action. When I have figured that out, I likewise spend a bit of time attempting to figure out what I could do if that frequently a quite unlikely thing occurs. I have, over the years, found that the worst thing that could reasonably take place is typically not as frightening as the nightmare my fear-fueled mind might produce. Discovering clearness in this method does not take much time or effort, and it can assist you, to prevent much mind-made suffering.

how to stay positive

#6 Add value and positivity to someone else’s life

What you send in the world tends to come back. Not from everyone. And not whenever. However, what you send there matters a lot. What you give them and how you treat them is what you’ll get back. And they way you deal with others and how you consider them likewise tend to have a high impact on how you deal with and think about yourself.

Give worth and spread positivity, for example, assisting out. If he or she needs the details then help out by doing some research or asking a friend of yours. Or start a blog site or a podcast and share what’s helped you out in life. They simply desire someone to be there totally and listening as they vent for a little while. Boosting the mood. Smile. Give hugs when proper. Play uplifting music when socializing with a pal or suggest a motivating film for your movie night. Or encourage when somebody has had a bad day or are going through a bumpy ride.

#7 Exercise regularly and eat and sleep well

It is obvious of course. However, I understand the high impact a good night’s sleep or excellent exercise can have when my ideas are pessimistic, and I have a lot of tension on the inside. And I know how much easier it is to believe clearly and optimistically when my tummy is not empty. So I highly suggest being careful about these standard habits that might sound boring. They do have a high impact, in either case, depending on how you handle them.

#8 Learn to take criticism healthily

Among the most typical worries is the fear of criticism. It can hold people back from doing what they want in life. Because having negativity draining someone’s mouth or email and it being about you can injure. And being rejected can sting quite a bit. However, if you want to act on what you deep down want, then criticism is practically inevitable.

So the secret is discovering to handle it in a much healthier way. By doing so, your worry about it will lessen, and it will harmless if you do get criticized. I generally utilize 4 steps when I get some criticism. Maybe they can assist you out too:

Step 1: Do not reply right away. When you are angry, upset, or riled up then, is time to calm down a bit before you reply. Take at least a couple of deep breaths or take a little time to process the message before you react.

Step 2: Listen to the criticism. Try to stay open and level-headed and figure out how this message can help you.

Step 3: Bear in mind that the criticism isn’t constantly about you. Some criticism is valuable. Some are just attacks or someone snapping since they are having a bad day, year, or job. To reduce the sting of such criticism– typically truly upset or excessively critical in an unconstructive way– I attempt to be comprehending. I think to myself that this person may not be feeling so good at the minute.

Step 4: Reply or let go.No matter the content of, for example, an e-mail, I try to keep my reply level-headed and kind. I may include a concern or 2 to get more particular feedback that is valuable. And if they do not respond or I have merely gotten a nasty attack then it is time to erase it and to let that circumstance go.

#9 If something still gets under your skin then know what to do

Sometimes something can still get under your skin and harm you. Even if you use the actions above. 2 things that have assisted me with that difficulty are: Let it out. Just letting that issue out into the light, talking it over with someone close can be very handy to see it for what it is.

And to discover a healthier viewpoint on the situation. Enhance your self-confidence. I have found throughout the years that with stronger, self-esteem things drag me down less, and they don’t destroy my day as much any longer. Negativity from others bounces off me far more often quite.

#10 Positively start your day

How you begin your day usually sets the tone for the rest of your day. So take care about how you spend your early mornings. If you start at full speed, lost in future difficulties in your mind, then the stress, perceived loss of power over your life, and negative thoughts will increase quickly.

If you begin your day by moving slowly, by having an uplifting discussion with your friend, or family, or you invest some time reading or listening to motivating, and useful posts or podcasts over breakfast or throughout your bus ride to work then that can make a huge difference for how your whole day will go.


How to stay positive is a mental status, or you can see it also a modus on how you perceive reality. In my experience, to be able to reach a goal no matter what, a high level of self-confidence is a fundamental point. For that, I highly recommend our to download your free ebook on the topic.