How To Overcome Negative

Life is a journey and, as in any journey, learn how to overcome the negative is a part of the trip. No one can escape these, and everyone has their way of dealing with them. The loss of a loved one, a bad illness, a sudden dismissal, a natural disaster, and so on. Although we may consider all these bad situations impossible to overcome, at some point, unconsciously, something moves in us: at that very moment, we have the opportunity to redeem ourselves, to think positively, and realize that, from all these experiences, we can draw new opportunities and reasons for growth.

Saying negative thoughts and saying negative emotions is practically the same thing because it is the thoughts that cause the emotions. It is prominent to learn how to control negative thoughts as they are the primary cause of suffering. It all depends on the quality of your thoughts. For example, if I think of a down moment in my life, negative emotion is produced that causes me suffering; instead, if I think of a pleasant experience in my life I feel a positive emotion that produces joy.

In short, negative thoughts represent the loss of trust and love that causes the fear of living, while positive thoughts are the reflection of trust and love and therefore the absence of fear. Fear is precisely the absence of love and trust in one’s strength. However, we must immediately clarify that only the excess of fear is pathological because it is normal, useful, and important to feel fear, maybe even a strong fear, in front of real dangers.

how to overcome negative

How to overcome negative

#1 The past doesn’t matter

No matter how messed up your past has been, the future is there and waiting for you. What matters is only what you think at that precise moment. The fact that the past may have been destructive and unhappy for each one of us, does not necessarily mean that everything that will come must also be so. On the contrary, it’s only up to us to color our future as brightly as possible, trying to give our best to compensate and make up for what has been.

#2 Gratitude

Being grateful for what you have is the second step to recover psychologically and morally. It is necessary to focus on the thousands of possibilities that can make our present joyful and not as bad as we think: the smile of a child, a walk in the fresh air, the people who love us and who will always be next to us.

#3 The difficulty is part of life

Being faced with dark periods is a natural part of the journey of our existence. Nobody asks us to be strong at all costs. It is important to show our weaknesses without shame because it is human and important to return to smile as soon as possible. Growing up means first of all learning to face unexpected situations and difficulties. Living, as a result, is equivalent to finding the courage to get back up on your feet and get back into the game stronger than before. As dramatic as it may be, pain strengthens us and gives us the energy to cope with any critical moment.

#4 Seize the moment

It’s an obvious truth, often taken for granted but it’s crucial to always keep it in mind. “Live every day as if it were your last” is not just a quote, but an attitude that we should, all of us, put into practice every time we wake up in the morning. Living by this “motto” is something unique that allows each of us to breathe deeply into this life. To lead one’s life thinking only about tomorrow corresponds to living passively without being able to enjoy anything that surrounds us.

#5 Sooner or later, you will fall

It is essential, for our good, to understand that we may fail. We cannot predict anything that will happen or what the future holds for us. Considering and taking into account the fact that we may be disappointed by certain events or failures is fundamental in order not to get too down. Again, one must take these situations in the most appropriate way. “Never a defeat, always a lesson.” Taking a personal failure as a defeat, therefore negatively, is the wrong way to overcome problems because by doing so we will never get back up. We must inevitably fall to find the strength to get up and try again. As they say, by making mistakes we learn.

#6 We are masters of our happiness

Everyone is free to live as they want, everyone has the right to behave as they see fit about their state of mind, but this is what makes the difference. You can decide to play the role of victim, you can complain, feel sorry for yourself or blame yourself for your mistakes, remaining passive concerning life, waiting for happiness to knock at the door. None of this can ever be compared to putting yourself on the line and going out to conquer this happiness; deciding to be happy, thinking that with goodwill nothing is impossible and that sooner or later, if you believe in it, you will be able to get what you want.

#7 The benefits of relaxing music

Nowadays, we have multiple experiments, researches, and theoretical works based on or related to experimental research that show us something we somehow already guessed: music, and especially relaxing music, offers great cognitive, emotional, and neurobiological benefits. On the American Psychological Association’s website every three months, you will find updated information on the topic.

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#8 If you do you can go wrong

Albert Einstein had a good understanding of how to frame and overcome one’s mistakes. This phrase wants to convey the concept that to err is human and that failure must always be taken into account. It is useless to magnify problems by making them bigger than they are. We must never let anything that happens to us completely obscure our sense of direction. Keeping the north of our life’s compass always in mind will help us never lose sight of the goal we are striving for.

#9 You are not alone

The people who love us and live our lives with us will never leave us, and they are the ones who can help us more than ourselves to cheer us up in the decidedly bad times of our journey. These people live with us the moments of joy, the most exciting ones, but also the worst times. They suffer as much as we do because they care about our happiness and they always reach out to us, never backing down, because they carry in their hearts the same dreams as we do. Relying on them and venting is a tangible help without which we would feel lost.

#10 Accepting failure

Difficult, but it allows us to get into gear to start over in the best way possible. Realizing a reality while feeling hurt, knowing that it’s not what we hoped for, is important to stay objective even when everything seems to be crashing down on us. As they say, “A sad truth is better than a good lie.”

#11 Every day is a new opportunity

It’s never too late to start over and live. Never get discouraged, never give up, never get your hopes up too high, but never stop dreaming. Every day that we live is a chance given to us to do everything that makes us happy and fulfilled. Every morning that comes to our window is an opportunity to take that day as a chance to build the future we want.

#11 Mindset

Whatever we do all starts from the mind, from thinking. So it is essential to have a correct approach from this point of view. Our mind is still a somewhat mysterious object but some aspects are scientifically proven. One of them is that it doesn’t particularly like change.

Don’t believe me? Then why is it so hard to make changes in our lives? Think about it if that wasn’t the case everything would be so much easier. Why do our minds play against us? I don’t want to go into too much detail and honestly consider my knowledge on this subject minimal. In any case, if you want to deepen the topic the web is full of articles.

Coming back to us, the mind perceives novelties as dangers for reasons still related to caveman times. It may sound crazy, but it’s true. Our mind loves to go down known paths because it knows exactly how to behave.

Whereas when he finds himself in unfamiliar situations, he doesn’t know what to do. Again, think about it, you may have been in a situation once in your life where you had no idea what to do. Here our mind deeply desires to avoid these situations. Now the question is how do we intervene?

Fortunately, it is possible to change our mind’s perceptions. Many strategies are all valid. Some of these have been described in this post.

My preferred method is guided meditation. Thanks to it, I have been able to change many habits without that nagging feeling of making too much effort. In addition to that, it helps you relax and feel better.

My preferred method is guided meditation. Thanks to it, I have been able to change many habits without that nagging feeling of making too much effort. In addition to that, it helps you relax and feel better.

Here you find more information about guided meditation and my preferred method.


The best day to start is always today. Stop hesitating and learn how to overcome the negative. Start your new adventure today.