How To Gain Self-Confidence

How to Gain Self-Confidence: Do you want to know how to gain self-confidence? Here are 7 simple principles to gain and improve self-confidence.

#1 Positive Thinking

Positive thinking alone will help you in gaining self-confidence. You must have control over your mind and emotions. Do not just get influenced by your emotions. Try to think mostly positive thoughts about yourself, about your goals and achievements. Do not let other people’s bad emotions get hold of your mind and sabotage you. Get rid of all kinds of negative thoughts. Don’t doubt your skills and approach every challenge with boldness and confidence. Learn to control your mind and try to react in different situations confidently.

#2 Make a list of your plus points

Take a pen and paper and write down your abilities and all the things in you that you are proud of. Write about your achievements and the goals you’ve achieved. We commonly forget our strong sides as we tend to get used to them. By writing this list down, you will remind yourself how valuable and vital you are. I am sure that you will be surprised to know about your talents. Doing this also contributes to self-discovery. After you list out your plus points make a note of the areas in which you have fear. Many people are afraid of public speaking. But fearing the situation does not help in any way. Do your most to overcome your fear. Suppose you have a fear of public speaking, then try practicing in front of the mirror. By doing this you will slowly start to overcome your fear.

#3 Change your attitude

Start using a winner’s attitude and approach every challenge with an “I CAN DO IT” attitude. It is very easy to lose faith in yourself and give up, but you should not do it! Try to face many challenges as they provide you with priceless experience. The bolder your challenges, the more they will widen your horizons, and the more confident you will become. Never let your mind give up even when you face big problems. If you feel depressed try to think of all the good things that have ever happened to you. Try to remember all the good times that you have spent with your close friends and family members. Say to yourself “I can do it” and get back to achieving your desired goal.

#4 Accept responsibilities

As said earlier never doubt your abilities, accept your responsibilities, and try to live up to other’s expectations. But do not just worry about what others expect from you, try to set goals for yourself and work for them. Be confident and say “yes” to all the responsibilities. Even if you fail in fulfilling those responsibilities, know that you have tried and done more than most people will do.

how to gain self-confidence

#5 Acquire Self Respect

Self Respect is essential to Self-Confidence. To gain other people’s respect, you must first respect yourself profoundly. The first part of self-respect is to respect your body. Nothing reflects more on your self-respect like the way you treat yourself, starting with your body. If you are obese or not physically fit, other people can infer that you have low self-discipline and that you don’t respect yourself and your body. You should start to work out and become fit, maybe even lift weights if your doctor approves. When you are physically fit, you become healthier, radiate energy, other people perceive you as more healthy, and see that you treat yourself highly. The next step is to recognize when people disrespect you and take steps against it. A person with self-respect don’t allow people to disrespect him and you should not accept it. If a person mistreats you, he/she should know that you don’t accept that. Don’t hesitate to say “Hey, you just disrespected me and I don’t accept that. If you continue doing that I won’t spend time with you”. This also has a circular effect: once you start to set boundaries for people you will also feel your self-respect rising.

#6 Take care of your appearance

Another important thing to do is to take care of your appearance. By dressing smart you project a higher sense of achievement and accomplishment that people are drawn to. They will perceive you as more successful, treat you better, and as a result the respect you give yourself will rise. Don’t be too focused on fashion, but devote some attention to it so you look decent. It is also important that you respect others. By respecting others and treating them well you will get the same treatment back. Speak to people with regard, and show that you care. This will draw people to you as a really good listener is always rare. By doing so, people will become attached to you and will respect you as a part of their life.

#7 Become Selfless

The last tip is to become selfless. Self-respect is not about having a big sense of pride or being too full of yourself – it is about knowing your value but recognizing other peoples’ values as well. Be genuine, humble but don’t let people take advantage of that. It is important that keep being yourself, but always know your strong parts and don’t let other people disregard them. So, start to go through life with a strong sense of accomplishment and value.


These are 7 actions that you can easily implement to learn how to gain your self-confidence. From personal experience, I know that changing your mind is not easy. The mind, by its very nature, brings us back to our habits. This is undoubtedly the biggest obstacle to overcome. Fortunately for us, some methods can support us and allow us to progress quickly.

One of the best, if not the best method I have and that I continue to use is the system developed by Dr. Steve G Jones and that I would strongly recommend.

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