About Us

If you would like practical personal development advice and step-by-step strategies that employment in the real world to supply positive results, then you’re within the right place.

This website is here for you that wants to…
– Live a happier life.
– Increase your self-esteem and confidence in yourself.
– Reduce procrastination, become more productive & effective, and feel less stressed.
– Simplify.
– Improve your relationships and social skills.

About me

Hi, I’m Roby and live in Switzerland, a smallish country in the middle of Europe with my family. I have spent a good part of my life studying and learning methods to improve myself, and through this blog, I decided to share my experience.

I implement what I even have learned and that I learn from my very own experiments and knowledge and find out the way to build a far better life.

So what have I accomplished until today?
– Switched from a generally pretty negative attitude to a way more positive one.
– Eliminated anger
– I have become a less shy and far more confident person socially and in other situations.
– Improved my self-confidence

What I write on are things that have had a positive effect on my life. Some or even many of those thoughts and methods may go for you too to a point. Pay attention that I’m not a professional, so If you’ve got serious problems, please contact professional help.


Here at firstclassmind.com our mission is to help everyone to improve your self-confidence and the quality of one’s life.


We aim to help them to become the best possible versions of themselves, and teach them in particular how to building self-confidence. It’s about understanding yourself better, and also understanding and tuning into their own best self also.

We believe strongly that:

1 Every person deserves to be loved and valued.
2 In order to become the most attractive version of yourself, it is crucial that you develop a growth-oriented mindset, and become the best possible version of yourself.
3 The right mindset is the first step to achieve your goals.
4 Each of us deserves to live a happy life.
5 Self-confidence is probably the most important thing in your mindset.
6 Believe in yourself is a right of everyone.
7 Everyone can learn to avoid the negative influence of others.

We want to make the world a better place, and this starts by bringing more love into it.

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